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Book 2: The Brave Astonishing Marvelous Dazzling Outstanding Spectacular Invincible (and Hungry) Rubberband Boy

Rubberband Boy 2 Cover

“Whoa! What is that? Some sort of Rubber contraption you haven’t shown me yet? A Rubber Jet-Pack? A Rubber Glider? A Rubber Suit of Armor?!”
“Don’t be ridiculous. What do you think I am—some kind of billionaire socialite industrialist? This is what the school uses to clean the windows.”

The adventure continues!

Fresh off their narrow escape from the clutches of their zombie-creating, energy-blasting, follicly-challenged Social Studies teacher in The Amazing Magnificent Stupendous Incredible Outstanding Unbeatable Exceptional (and Humble) Rubberband Boy, Ohrno Elementary's 5th grade class heads to the local aquarium on a field trip, where John and Dave are intent on reuniting the school's prize-winning rainbow fish with its friends. When the class returns to school after John's shenanigans get the school permanently barred from the aquarium, the boys are surprised to find the building empty. What dastardly evil has overtaken the school? More importantly, can John and Dave stop it without Rubberband Boy's spectacular powers?

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